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TEABAG is a charity in aid of The Education And Book Appeal for Ghana. The work carried out by the charity aims to improve the education of young people in Ghana by providing basic equipment, books and educational facilities. TEABAG started focusing its resources in Mankoadze and it has expanded to other two villages, Onyadze and Abrekum.

Tom Yendell always sees the possibilities of less able students and has now taken up the challenge to provide vocational skills for the students in Mankoadze.

To learn more about the work of TEABAG and how you can get involved please visit the official website by clicking below.

Tom's Role in TEABAG...

To hear how Tom became involved in TEABAG please click below.

Tom's TEABAG Video


100% of all donations received by TEABAG go to the Charity. There are many methods to donate for example by Sponsoring a school pupil, Sponsoring a college student or offering your TIME, skills and expertise.
If you would like to get involved and pledge a donation or your time please visit the TEABAG website.

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TEABAG Film...

View the TEABAG Gallery showing images of Mankoadze in Ghana and the improvements TEABAG has made to village life. To watch the latest TEABAG Film click the image below.

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