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Mouth and Foot Painting Artists

The Mouth and Foot Painting Artists partnership is part of an international self-help association of artists (Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists - AMFPA) who paint without the use of their hands. The MFPA is a partnership of disabled artists run by the artists themselves. The partnership reproduces its artists' original paintings as unique greeting cards, calendars and a wide range of other products, which brings vital, financial security to its artists.

MFPA artists outside the Selborne galleryMouth paintingMFPA ExhibitionTom painting at the Gallery
The Association, whilst not being a charity itself, has contributed to many charities over the years. The MFPA has established an educational trust with two artist members among the trustees, in order to make significant donations to aid the education of disabled children in the arts. The activities of the Trust are dealt with from time to time in the MFPA Newsletter.

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